Prison bans boozy chocolates

Officials at a prison in Vänersborg have confiscated boxes of chocolates bought by the inmates to celebrate Christmas.

Prison bans boozy chocolates

As the chocolates contained traces of alcohol, management became concerned that the yuletide celebrations might get a little out of hand.

With the festive season approaching, prisoners at the Brinkeberg facility in western Sweden submitted a wish list to the jail authorities.

Seeing no harm in it, staff took the inmates’ money and went out to buy 25 boxes of Marabou’s tasty Aladdin chocolates to help brighten up a Christmas spent behind bars.

But management saw the matter differently.

“They are not allowed to drink alcohol in the prison, and that includes rum and raisin,” prison inspector Karin Eriksson told newspaper GT.

Eriksson felt there was a risk of intoxication if one of the inmates managed to get their hands on all the chocolates containing strong spirits.

But a spokesman for Marabou’s owner, Kraft Foods, could hardly believe his ears on hearing that the prisoners had been deprived of their goodies.

“Really? No, you’re having me on,” Anders Carne told GT.

When he realized it was no joke, Carne worked out that there were eight chocolates with a dash of alcohol in each Aladdin box. Further calculations revealed that an inmate would have to eat 32 such chocolates in order to consume the equivalent of a single shot of Christmas spirits.

“Goodness, what an effort it would be,” he said.