Poll: Support for Social Democrats highest since 1994

Results from the latest DN/Synovate poll show voter support for the Social Democrats at a level not seen since shortly before the 1994 parliamentary elections.

Overall support for the opposition parties stands at 57.0 percent, while the Alliance parties currently have the confidence of 39.1 percent of voters.

The poll results were published in Dagens Nyheter on December 22nd.

During the past month, support for the Social Democrats has increased by 0.5 percent to 46.7 percent. Support for the Moderates also increased slightly from 21.6 percent to 21.8 percent.

While the gap between the opposition parties and the Alliance parties shrunk by 0.3 percent in the latest polling period, the results should be troubling news for the Moderates according to DN political analyst Henrik Brors.

The Moderates have lost support among groups traditionally considered the party’s core supporters, including men, voters over 60, the well educated, and voters from the Stockholm region and central Sweden. Moreover, support has dropped despite a strong economy which has created a record number of jobs and raised real household incomes by 5 percent.

“The Reinfeldt government has become stuck in a vicious circle whereby the voters’ feelings that the government is weak have taken the upper hand, depriving the government of credit for the strong economy,” writes Brors.

According to Synovate’s opinion analyst Nicklas Källebring, the opposition parties’ strong support can be attributed in part to the fact that their supporters are much more mobilized and willing to take strong political positions.

“If the level of mobilization among all voter groups stood at normal levels, the difference between the two blocks would be cut in half,” said Källebring.

Synovate (formerly Temo) asked 1467 people which party they would vote for if an election were to be held today. The poll was conducted between December 10th and December 18th.