Bad weather threatens Donald Duck broadcast

Bad weather is threatening the traditional television broadcast of Donald Duck on Christmas Eve. Swedish viewers could be faced with a black screen when they settle down in front of the TV after having polished off their ham and meatballs.

Atmospheric disturbances across primarily southern and central Sweden have been interfering with radio and television transmissions over the past week. TV pictures have been flickering and have occasionally disappeared entirely.

Stable high pressure has caused several layers to build in the atmosphere and these have reduced the range of radio and TV broadcasts, according to SVT Rapport.

“It is a little chaotic in the air just at the moment,” according to Lennart Ivarsson at Teracom.

Areas of Sweden lying by the sea have experienced particular problems with Öland and Gotland receiving TV stations from the Baltic states, Poland and in some cases Norway. These broadcasts are interfering with the regular TV stations and have put the Swedish Christmas in jeopardy.

“We are hoping for more normal conditions,” Ivarsson adds.