Alf Svensson criticises government job policy

Alf Svensson, the former leader of the Christian Democrats, has criticised the government's job policy. Svensson argues that the government's policies are hard for him to defend.

“It is very easy to tell a 20-25-year-old to look for a job, find a job; at that age one can simply move. But to say to a 55-60-year-old, look for a job, find a job and if you do not we will cut your benefits; is not so simple.” Alf Svensson was speaking on Swedish radio’s P1.

According to Svensson the government should have high levels of support. Recent polls indicate that this is not the case.

“I think it is because it may have been forgotten that one must not only appeal to reason but also to the heart of the voters,” says Svensson.