Weather clears in time for Donald Duck

It will be the same procedure as every year for Swedish television viewers as weather conditions improve and Donald Duck seems set to remain on air.

Weather clears in time for Donald Duck

Atmospheric disturbances that have interfered with radio and television transmissions over the past week have now cleared, according to Teracom.

“It seems that weather conditions have stabilized and returned to normal,” said spokesman Lennart Ivarsson.

The annual Kalle Anka broadcast had been under threat as TV pictures in large parts of the country were flickering and occasionally disappearing entirely. Stable high pressure had caused several layers to build in the atmosphere, reducing the range of radio and TV broadcasts.

But Teracom said it was now no longer receiving many phone calls from viewers struggling to get a picture. This is good news for the Christmas Donald Duck show, which would appear to be back on track.

“Yes, it seems that way. We can hope for a calm Christmas now,” said Lennart Ivarsson.

Most activities in Sweden grind to a halt at 3pm on Christmas Eve when Kalle Anka is broadcast on SVT. Kalle Anka is Swedish for Donald Duck, but refers to the hour-long montage of classic Disney which brings all Swedish families together in front of the TV.

Other channels put up a noble fight with competing shows, but die-hard traditionalists will watch nothing else.