60-year-old man jailed for child porn

A 60-year-old man from Västmanland in central Sweden has been sentenced to eight months in prison for child porn offences. The man was found with thousands of pictures and films on his computer.

The man was convicted on Friday at Västmanland’s district court, local media reports. He is reported to have previously been involved in local youth sport in his free time.

The man was found to have 5,800 pictures and 200 film sequences on his computer in the course of a police investigation into a larger child porn network last summer. The man was one of eight people arrested across Sweden. The eight were found to have over a million pornographic images of children.

The man is suspected of being part of an international network of paedophiles. The network was discovered by Europol while investigating an internet website selling video recordings involving girls.

Europol’s operation has spanned across 27 countries and involves a total of 2,500 suspects.