Woman charged over sledgehammer murder

A woman whose partner died while the pair were on a sailing trip on the west coast of Sweden last year has been charged with his murder.

Prosecutors handed documents to Uddevalla District Court on Friday detailing allegations against the woman. She is suspected of beating him over the head repeatedly with a sledgehammer before pushing him into the sea, where he drowned.

The woman has confessed to manslaughter and serious assault, but will plead not guilty to the charge of murder.

The dead man, who was 48, was found in the water on October 10th after the woman arrived alone on their sailing boat at a marina in Almösund on the island of Tjörn, off Sweden’s west coast.

The woman initially said that her partner had fallen overboard. Significant amounts of blood found on the boat and the injuries on the man’s body, which was found a short while later, led prosecutors to arrest the woman for murder.

The couple had been together for a long time, but were planning to separate at the time of the killing. The man had said he was frightened about how the woman would react to the separation.