Police fear gay attacker may have other victims

A man arrested for an attack that left a gay man fighting for his life last weekend could be responsible for other attacks on gay people, police say.

The man, aged 35, is suspected by police to be responsible for attacking a 44-year-old man who was found injured at his home last weekend. The suspect was arrested at 5pm on Friday. The victim is currently in a stable condition, but doctors believe his injuries could leave him permanently disabled.

The victim and alleged attacker met on an online contact site. The 35-year-old, who is suspected of attempted murder and robbery, is previously known to police for similar offences. He admits to having been at the scene, but police are refusing to say how he has responded to the accusations.

Police have searched the suspect’s house and inspected his computer. They suspect that he may have attacked other gay men.

“We’ve looked at his internet use, and he has given his phone number and arranged meetings with other. What we don’t know is whether the meetings actually happened and what they led to,” said Mikael Ekman of Stockholm Police.

“With this kind of crime, people cherry pick their victims. He is choosing people whom he believes will not make reports. In a way he might be right, because it’s not so easy to open up to the police,” Ekman said.