Man jailed for murdering and mutilating wife

A 63-year-old man has been jailed for eleven years for murdering his 76-year-old wife. Following the killing, the man mutilated the woman's body, removing several of her internal organs.

The woman was murdered at the couple’s home in Kinna, 60km south-east of Gothenburg. An autopsy showed that she was killed between four days and two weeks before her body was discovered.

Borås District Court convicted the man in November for murdering his wife and mutilating her body, but sentencing was postponed until he had undergone psychiatric tests. The tests showed that he was fit to serve a jail sentence.

When police arrived at the couple’s apartment, the woman’s body was on the bed with two gaping holes in the abdomen. The man had removed a number of her organs, and some of her body parts were discovered in the apartment’s storage room.

The man said in police questioning that he did not remember anything about the murder, and could therefore not enter a plea.

The court also found the man guilty of cutting the woman’s throat with a knife in an incident in the late 1990s.