Teacher charged in sex for grades scandal

Prosecutors in Östersund have charged a high school teacher with abusing his position of trust for the sexual exploitation of an 18-year old male student, Östersunds-Posten reports.

In an incident which took place several years ago, the teacher is accused of persuading the student into performing oral sex in exchange for a passing grade.

According to the student, the teacher informed him toward the end of the semester that he was set to receive a failing grade. The teacher then explained that the student could avoid failing if he performed oral sex on the teacher.

Later the same day the teacher drove the student to his residence where the student performed oral sex. A few weeks later the student received a passing grade in the teacher’s class.

The teacher denies any wrong doing in the incident, but prosecutors point to text messages and a recorded telephone call in which the teacher suggests that he and the student engage in sexual activity.

“Its going to be one party’s word against the other,” said prosecutor Åse Schoulz to the Östersunds Posten.

“I believe the student’s version of events is credible.”

The student chose to speak out now in order to protect other students from getting caught up in the same situation with the accused teacher

A trial date is set for later this year. If convicted, the teacher faces up to two years in prison.