Homeless Swede hijacks Korean businessman’s identity

A homeless man from Gothenburg is facing prosecution after he was caught for the second time misappropriating the identity of a Korean businessman in order to obtain goods and services, Metro reports.

The 46-year-old man, who is a registered user of a homeless shelter on the outskirts of the city, was previously sentenced to two years in jail after acquiring large quantities of electronic equipment under false premises.

The Korean man was the CEO of a major international electronics company in Sweden when he had his passport and driving licence stolen at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport in 1999.

Shortly after the disappearance of his personal effects, the businessman was informed that somebody claiming to be him had purchased items, including a number of beds, from various stores.

Speaking of the homeless identity thief, prosecutor Stefan Olsson told Metro he was”skilled and manipulative.”

In autumn 2006, the businessman – who has long since moved back to Korea – noticed that history had begun repeating itself as 22,000 kronor disappeared from his account via a Swedish bank.

The homeless man now faces fresh charges of fraud and forgery after he attempted to have an ID card issued using his own photo and the Korean man’s name. He also provided the CEO’s name when caught shoplifting, as well as booking a doctor’s appointment using the Korean man’s details.

In addition to the homeless shelter, the 46-year-old is also registered at a home for the mentally disabled. According to his version of events, he is the real businessman while the Korean man’s son is simply trying to create problems for him.

The missing 22,000 kronor had been transferred to a Swiss bank account, he said.