Murder attempt caught on camera

A 25-year-old man in Malmö indicted on a charge of attempted murder was captured on camera as he fired three shots at a 31-year-old man outside a nightclub in the Rosengård suburb in October.

The victim was treated for serious injuries at Malmö University Hospital. Although he did not report the incident, a subsequent police investigation soon revealed that a surveillance camera mounted on a nearby store had captured footage of the incident.

The resulting video is the strongest piece of evidence available to the prosecution.

“But it is a good piece of evidence,” said deputy chief prosecutor Bo Birgerson.

Two of the shots are clearly visible on the security footage and the victim can be seen falling to the ground.

Five people identified with the aid of the images have also been questioned by police.

“But none of them have provided any information that has pushed the investigation forward,” said Birgerson.

The 25-year-old man is also suspected of forgery after being found in possession of false passports, ID cards and driving licences.

“As far as I’m concerned his identity remains uncertain since he only had forged documents,” said Birgerson.