More opinion-poll woes for Moderates

A January opinion study shows that support for the Moderate Party has dropped to 20.7 percent, down more than five percent compared with figures from a month earlier.

The study was conducted by Demoskop for Expressesen newspaper.

In the same study, support for the Social Democratic Party increased by 2.5 percent to 44.3 percent.

“We have to more directly press Mona Sahlin and get her to show what she will do, and with whom she will do it,” said Moderate party secretary Per Schlingmann.

Support for the governing Alliance parties as a whole comes to 38.6 percent, far behind the 57.6 percent in combined support for the Social Democratic, Left, and Green Parties.

The study consisted of interviews with 1,015 registered voters. The decline of 5.2 percent in support for the Moderates is considered statistically significant.