Volvo to buy used cars for 10,000 kronor

In a unique program designed to increase the number of clean cars on Swedish roads, Volvo dealers are offering customers up to 10,000 kronor to trade in their used cars for a new, clean-burning Volvo.

“Sales of clean cars are breaking all sorts of records, but we shouldn’t forget that Sweden still has one of Europe’s oldest fleets of cars on the road. Older cars have substantially higher emissions of environmentally harmful substances and they also lack the same level of safety as newer cars,” said Thomas Andersson, managing director for Volvo Cars in Sweden to Dagens Nyheter.

Customers purchasing a new, ethanol-powered Volvo will receive 10,000 kronor for trading in their current vehicle. The purchase of a new, diesel-powered Volvo comes with a 6,000 kronor trade-in rebate.

Volvo’s “Renewal Bonus” will be offered to all cars, irrespective of age or make, on the condition that the vehicle is turned over to an authorized automotive recycler.

Coupled with the 10,000 kronor government subsidy available to all individuals who purchase a so called “clean car”, Volvo’s Renewal Bonus can save drivers up to 20,000 kronor. The list price of cost of a new, ethanol-powered Volvo Flexifuel S80 sedan is 284,900, according to Volvo’s website.