Breakthrough in university murder case

State forensic experts have helped bring police in Örebro a step closer to identifying a man suspected of murdering university lecturer Fuat Deniz.

The 40-year-old academic was stabbed on campus at Örebro University in central Sweden last month. He later died from his injuries at Örebro University Hospital.

Shortly after the attack, a man with blood-stainded clothes was spotted at a store in central Örebro. Two witnesses described the man to police, whose image was also captured on security camera.

Police initially said the security footage was of insufficient quality to identify the suspect.

But the Swedish Forensic Science Laboratory has now succeeded in improving the quality of the film to the extent that it may now be possible to identify the man who entered the Taalers Livs store 45 minutes after the attack.

“We had almost given up hope of being able to see anything. This news implies a sudden turnaround,” police spokesman Torbjörn Carlsson told Nerikes Allehanda.

Fuat Deniz moved to Sweden from Turkey with his parents in the 1970s.

He was internationally renowned for his work with the Assyrian genocide in the Ottoman empire.