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All that Jazz: What's on this weekend

Jasmine Enberg · 18 Jan 2008, 12:01

Published: 18 Jan 2008 12:01 GMT+01:00

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Che Sudaka

After performing in both South America and Central Europe, Che Sudaka is finally coming to Sweden for the first time this weekend. Although the band members are originally from Argentina and Colombia, they have been living and rehearsing in Spain. Their music is a mix of merenge, cumbia, salsa, reggae and ska.

A DJ will perform before and after the show. Doors open at 9pm.

Minimum Age: 18 for the show, 20 after the show

Price: 155 kronor (100 kronor-26 and under)

Location: Södra Teatern, Mosebacke torg 1-3.

Time: Friday, January 18th, 9pm

Phone: 08 531 99 400

Tickets: 08-531 99 490

More information and tickets: Södra Teatern (English).

Jazz Brunch

Enjoy a classic brunch and live jazz music at Stora Salen at Mosebacke this weekend. Bookings are not accepted, so be sure to be there in good time.

Price: 150 kronor

Location: Mosebacke Etablissement, Mosebacke torg 1.

Saturday/Sunday 10:30am-3pm

Phone: 08- 556 098 90

Review:Kathleen Harman on the Mosebacke Jazz Brunch.

Stealy Band

The Stealy Band performs the music of Steely Dan this weekend at one of Stockholm's top jazz clubs.

Minimum Age: 18

Location: Jazzclub Fasching, Kungsgatan 63.

Friday, January 18th, 8pm

Phone: 08- 534 829 64

Tickets: 077- 170 70 70

More information: www.fasching.se


Medium Rare, A Variety Show

A British cabaret variety show featuring short films, comedy, readings, opera, magic, live music from this Saturday night at Pontus Fritiof’s restaurant. Whether stalwarts including Gunter the German Porn Star and the All Ladies Naked Bean Wrestling Championship of the World will be making an appearance remains to be seen.

Price: 895 kronor (includes dinner)

Location: Pontus by the sea, Tullhus 2 Skeppsbron.

Saturday, January 19th, 6.30pm

Phone: 08- 20 20 95

Tickets: 077- 170 70 70

More information: www.pontusfrithiof.com

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ('Rivierans Guldgossar')

Swedish-language version of the musical comedy (in Swedish) based on the Michael Caine & Steve Martin film about swindlers on the French Riviera.

The cast includes:

Robert Gustafsson, Tommy Körberg, and Åsa Fång.

Price: 180-565 kronor

Location: Cirkus, Djurgårdslättan.

Time: Friday/Saturday 7.30pm

Phone: 08- 660 10 20

More information and tickets: www.cirkus.se


Théâtre Désir- fin de spéctacle

A photo exhibition and seminar about women’s politics, religion, and power. The exhibition is open until January 25th, and a seminar will be held on January 24th.

Location: Citrullus Café and Galleri, Surbrunnsgatan 60 (T-bana Odenplan).

Times: Friday, January 18th, 10am-4pm

Saturday, January 19th, 12pm-5pm (Closed Sundays).

…and continuing to January 25th.

Phone: 08- 30 62 60

International Video Art Exhibition

Kulturhuset is displaying artwork on three different screens for three weeks at a time. The current theme is Reassuring calm/Disturbing silence by Keren Yeala-Golan, Manal Mahamid, and Kate Hawkins.

Price: Free

Location: Kulturhuset, Lava, Sergelstorg 3.

Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday during regular open hours

…and continuing until February 18th.

Phone: 0704- 93 66 50

More information: www.kulturhuset.se (English).

The Magic of Coins

On display now are coin treasures found on Swedish soil. You can see the Lohe treasure, the Velinge treasure and the copper coins found in Loshult.

Location: Royal Coin Cabinet, Slottsbacken 6, Gamla Stan.

Time: Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 10am-4pm

More information: www.myntkabinettet.se

Ingmar Bergman Plays Chess with Death

Ove Wallin displays his photographs from Bergman’s television version of Ulla Isaksson’s novel De Två Saliga ('The Blessed Ones'). The exhibition also includes images of Ingmar Bergman himself, Harriet Andersson and Per Myrberg.

Location: Library Solna Center, Solna Centrum.

Times: Saturday, January 12th from 1pm

...and continuing to February 3rd.

Phone: 08- 734 22 00


The Darjeeling Limited

In Wes Anderson’s new comedy, Adrian Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman play three brothers who have not spoken to each other in over a year and decide to take a 'spiritual trip' to India in order to reconnect.

Location: Biografen Sture, Birger jarlsgatan 41.

Times: Four showings daily

Phone: 08- 678 85 48

More information: www.biosture.se (Swedish).

Irina Palm

Maggie’s grandson Olly needs an operation but the family lacks resources to pay for it. Maggie does all she can to help, and when she responds to an ad for a hostess, she finds an opportunity to earn the needed money quickly. A British film directed by Sam Garbarski and starring Marianne Faithfull.

Location: Biografen Zita, Birger Jarlsgatan 37.

Times: Two showings daily

Phone: 08- 23 20 20

More information: www.zita.se (Swedish).

Mala Noche

A film based on the autobiography of Walt Curtis who falls in love with a young Mexican man but the feelings are unrequited. It is Gus Van Sant’s feature film.

Location: Biografen Sture, Birger jarlsgatan 41.

Times: Saturday/Sunday 12pm

Phone: 08- 678 85 48

More information: www.biosture.se (Swedish).


The Little Post Office

Come to the Post Museum’s workshop and experience what it was like to work there in the olden days. Children can write, stamp, and deliver letters.

Location: Lilla Posten, Lilla Nygatan 6. (The workshop is on the bottom floor of the Post Museum).

Time: Saturday/Sunday 12pm-3pm

…and continuing.

Phone: 08- 781 17 55



Gert Wingårdh

A retrospective exhibition about Sweden’s best known architect and his work.

Location: Röhhsska museet, Vasagatan 37-39.

Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12pm-5pm

Phone: 031- 613850

North Pole

An exhibition about Sweden’s research at the North Pole. Why have there been so many expeditions there? How is it possible to fish in the cold water? Will the polar ice caps melt?

Location: Sjöfartsmuseet och Akvariet, Karl Johansgatan 1-3.

Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12pm-5pm

…and continuing until April 28th.

Phone: 031- 612 901

Tore Ahnoff

Tore Ahnoff has his drawings and paintings on display at Galleri Konstepidemin.

Location: Konstepidemins vägen 6.

Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12pm-6pm

…and continuing until January 27th.

Phone: 031- 828 558

Concerts and clubs:

P3 Guld

Book your tickets now to P3 Guld- a presentation of Swedish music. Säkert, Shout Out Lourds, Mange Schmidt and Timo Räisänen are just a few of the artists who will be performing.

Location: Lorensbergsteatern, Berzeliigatan 4.

Times: Friday, January 18th, 7.45pm

Phone and tickets : 031- 708 62 00


The largest music competition for up-and-coming bands. In this international pop band competition, the audience is able to vote for its favorites.

Price: 100 kronor

Minimum Age: 18 Thursday-Saturday; Sunday no age limit

Location: Musikens Hus, Djurgårdsgatan 13.

Time: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 6pm-1am

Phone: 031- 12 15 83


My Fair Lady

The classic musical from 1956 in Swedish translation.

Location: GöteborgsOperan, Christina Nilssons gata.

Times: Friday, January 18th.

Phone: 031- 10 80 00


Leve Klotet - the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development

This Tuesday, January 22nd, the “Leve Klotet” gala will be held at Scandinavium where Al Gore will be presented with the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development.

Location: Scandinavium, Skånegatan.

Time: Tuesday, January 22nd, 7.30pm-9.30pm

Phone: 031- 615 680

Tickets through Ticnet

V75-Master (Harness Racing)

On Saturday at ÅbyTravet, the best horses and riders from competitions in 2007 meet to compete for the title of V75-Master. As well as the main event, there will be plenty of extra activities to keep older and younger spectators amused.

Location: ÅbyTravet, Mölndal.

Time: Saturday, January 19th, 1pm-5pm

Phone: 031- 706 66 00

More information and tickets: ÅbyTravet (Swedish).


Go with the family or a group of friends to PULS and compete against them in handball, motocross, and much more.

Location: Universeum, Södra vägen 50.

Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 10am-6pm

Phone: 031- 335 64 50



Textile Exhibitions

Visit two very different textile exhibitions simultaneously this weekend. The first is “Kelim- woven symbols of Kurdistan” and the second is “Rölakan- traditional woven art from Skåne”.

Price: 40 kronor (7-15 10 kronor)

Location: Slottsholmen, Malmö Museer, Malmöhusvägen.

Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12pm-4pm

…and continuing until March 30th.

Phone: 040- 34 44 37

Maj Lindström

Story continues below…

An exhibition about Malmö Stadsteater’s biggest and most loved musical star. You can see photographs, posters, programs, and clothes from Maj’s 54 performances at Malmö Stadsteater.

Location: Teatermuseet, Kalendegatan 5C.

Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 1pm-4pm

…and continuing until January 27th

Phone: 040- 12 48 83

Houses of Memory

An exhibition by both Swedish and South African artists that 'attempts to understand the present and the future.' It has now come to Sweden after previously being shown in South Africa.

Price: 40 kronor (adult), 10 kronor (children 7-15 years)

Location: Slottsholmen, Malmö Museer, Malmöhusvägen

Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 12pm-4pm

...and continuing to March 2nd.

Phone: 040- 34 44 37

Concerts and Clubs:

From the rainforest to the concrete jungle

A Sunday afternoon full of colorful music from South America. The DR Voklensemblet, and the Titicacaensemblen will be performing among others.

Price: 120 kronor

Location: Malmö SymfoniOrkester, Konserthuset, Föreningsgatan 35.

Times: Sunday, January 20th, 3pm

Phone: 040- 630 45 00

Tickets: 040- 34 35 00

Chamber Concert

Malmö Opera’s musicians perform their favorite pieces.

Location: Malmö Opera Foaje, Östra Rönneholmsvägen 20.

Times: Saturday, January 19th, 2pm

Phone: 040- 20 84 00

Markus Tullberg

Markus Tullberg performs traditional Swedish folk music.

Price: 60 – 80 kronor

Location: Malmö Folk, Barnens Scen, Folkets park, Falsterbogatan 17.

Times: Saturday, January 19th, 7.30pm

Phone: 040- 96 32 75


Nya Tröls

Sweden’s answer to English pubs where you can relax after work on Friday. There will be a free buffet and cheap drinks.

Location: Nya Tröls Bar och Restaurang, Karlskrona plan 1.

Times: Friday, January 18th, 10pm

Phone: 040- 17 06 95


Let’s Go

Let’s Go amusement park is always full of activities. Take the family bowling or for a few rounds of 'adventure golf'. Or pick three out of the five activities offered and battle in a 2 hour triathlon.

Bowling pins, and a medal for the winner can be purchased from Let’s Go.

Location: Let’s Go, Krossverksgatan 3.

Times: Friday 4pm-1am

Saturday 11am-1am

Sunday 11am-6pm

Phone: 040- 440 000

More information: Let’s Go Swedish.

Ice Skating in Folkets Park

You can ice skate outdoors all winter this year at Malmö Folkets Park. Ice skates (sizes 27-45) are available to rent 4pm-7pm on the weekdays and 10am-5pm on weekends. Rental is 30 kronor/half hour.

For group skate rental at another time, contact Föreningen Ponnygården Arken at 0705- 17 65 05.

Location: Folkets Park, Amiralsgatan 35.

Times: November 24th to March 2nd 10am-7pm.

Jasmine Enberg

Jasmine Enberg (news@thelocal.se)

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