Fast facts: big robberies in Sweden

Sweden has been the scene of a number of spectacular robberies in recent years. Cash transport vehicles have been particular targets.

– The country has seen more violent robberies of cash transport vehicles, per head of population, than most other European countries. In 2005, only the UK, Ireland and Malta saw more.

-Unions credit recent changes with a fall in the number of robberies on delivery vehicles in 2007. These changes have included requiring escorts for many deliveries, requirements for more experienced and older staff to run deliveries and greater police monitoring.

Some of the biggest robberies:

Akalla, Stockholm, August 2005: Robbers ram a truck through the gates of a Securitas cash depot, then threaten staff with automatic weapons before making away with 26 million kronor.

Hallunda, Stockholm, August 2005: A spectacular raid on a cash depot is described as having been carried out with “military precision”. The raid was coordinated from a control centre, with around ten burning cars and fake bombs spread around the area to delay the police operation.

Stora Höga, Gothenburg, November 2005: Two robbers ram a Securitas cash transport vehicle off the road and blow it up, making away with 5.6 million kronor. Two guards are hurt by glass splinters.

Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg, March 2006: Men armed with automatic weapons threaten staff on a plane from London, leave a false bomb and flee with foreign currency worth nearly 8 million kronor.

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, July 2006: A secure cash transport vehicle is stopped on the way out of the airport by men with automatic weapons. The robbers blow up the vehicle and make away with several million kronor. Around 19 million kronor in bank notes is found around the wreck of the vehicle.