SAS flew faulty planes ‘for years’

Airline SAS serviced routes for years using planes containing dangerous hidden construction errors, a Danish newspaper has reported.

SAS permanently grounded its fleet of Dash Q-400 planes last October after a series of incidents.

A report the previous month showed that 25 of the airline’s 27 Dash planes contained landing gear with rusty parts.

Further investigations have now shown that the filters on the landing gear’s hydraulic systems were also faulty, Danish newspaper Politiken reports. The problem has been discovered on 16 of the 18 planes so far examined.

An incident involving a Dash plane on October 27th is believed to have been caused by a faulty filter.

SAS demanded half a billion kronor ($75 million) in compensation from plane manufacturer Bombardier in early October as the number of reported incidents began to mount. SAS first acquired the fleet in 2000.

Neither SAS nor Bomardier have commented on the new information published in the Danish press.