27 football hooligans convicted for brawl

27 football hooligans convicted for brawl
27 Swedish football hooligans have been convicted for rioting at a football match at Råsunda Stadium near Stockholm in 2004.

Solna district court convicted 27 of the 32 hooligans charged with offences including rioting and assault and battery, following the Stockholm derby match between AIK and Hammarby on October 18th 2004.

Three youths were sentenced to prison for two months and a further four for a month. Other penalties ranged from fines to suspended sentences and community service.

Five of those involved in the Råsunda riot were also convicted of assault and battery in connection with a match at Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg in June 2005.

The match between AIK and Hammarby at Råsunda ended in chaos. When Hammarby scored to take a 1-0 lead on 64 minutes, AIK supporters tried to storm the pitch by pulling down the perimeter fence.

Police then battled the hooligans and were only able to get the situation under control by using water cannons.