Three Gothenburg postal suspects to remain in custody

Three men were remanded to custody on Saturday for their suspected involvement in last week’s spectacular robbery of a Gothenburg postal depot.

The men, a 40-year old from Gothenburg and a 25- and 31-year old from the Stockholm area will likely face charges of serious robbery for their role in the heist.

The court also gave the prosecutor the right to inform the suspects of restrictions.

All three suspects were brought into custody the day of the robbery.

A gag order has kept police officials tight lipped as they continue their investigation.

The search continues for additional suspects. Up to ten people are believed to have participated in the theft.

The robbery took place early Tuesday morning when the perpetrators forced their way into the postal depot shortly after one o’clock.

They forced staff to the floor and disappeared with an assortment of registered mail. The robbers left a trail of burned out cars and fake bombs at the scene, causing police to blockade large sections of central Gothenburg.