Several arrests after biker gang raids

Heavily armed police officers raided the premises of the Bandidos biker gang in Helsingborg in southern Sweden on Tuesday morning. A second raid was also carried out at a Sjöbo address with close links to the Bandidos.

“There have been raids in a number of other places. The operations are still ongoing,” said police spokesman Lars Förstell late on Tuesday morning.

Police descended on the gang’s premises in Helsingborg’s Miatorp suburb shortly before 7am on Tuesday, Helsingborgs Dagblad reports.

Dressed in full combat gear, the officers smashed their way into the building via one of the main windows.

Several arrests were made and a computer was confiscated.

The purpose of the Helsingborg operation was to arrest a particular man suspected of committing an offence, police spokesman Lars Förstell told TT. He would not reveal the nature of the crime in question.

Police in Sjöbo also confirmed that a number of arrests had been made, although they would not say how many.

“The seizures we made have confirmed our original suspicions but we now also have suspicions of new crimes. These related to weapons and drug offences,” said Lars Förstell.