New potatoes make early appearance

New potatoes make early appearance
Photo: Christa Richert, Lynne Lancaster, Sophie/Scol22
A hobby gardener in southern Sweden has already harvested the first potatoes of the New Year.

The unseasonably mild winter brought a few early surprises for Ingrid Arnhult in the coastal village of Övre Kattvik, 100 kilometres north of Malmö.

When Arnhult went out to retrieve some lettuce from her allotment at the weekend, she found that the potatoes she had sown in August had more than survived the winter.

“Some were as big as chicken eggs, others were a bit smaller,” she told Helsingborgs Dagblad.

The early harvest meant she was able to include potatoes in both the starter and the main course when she and her husband invited friends round for dinner at the weekend.

While out at the allotment, Arnhult said she also spied daisies and strawberry flowers.