‘Not much missing’ after spectacular robbery

A spectacular robbery at Gothenburg's main postal depot last week brought meagre financial rewards for the perpetrators, police in the city said on Tuesday.

There are so far no indications that any major sums of money went missing in connection with the raid, according to the post office.

“I can’t categorically state that no money disappeared. But if anybody had sent €10 million, it would have been reported to the post office,” said chief investigator P-O Johansson.

Police in Västra Götaland confirmed that some 50 passports and other identity documents were taken during the robbery. It was also confirmed that “a number of packages” had vanished in the course of the raid.

“We can confirm that a number of passports disappeared but we don’t believe that was the main target,” said Johansson, adding that he would not comment further on the direction of the investigation.

Three men were remanded in custody on Saturday after a robbery that left much of Sweden’s second city sealed off on Tuesday morning.

The three men, born 1967, 1976 and 1983 are suspected of being accessories to robbery.

During the raid the robbers forced the eleven staff at the post office staff to lie on the floor. They then made away with their loot. Five devices that appeared to be bombs were placed in the area in an apparent attempt to hinder the police operation.

But police said there was no indication that there were actually any explosives in the boxes.

The robbers also set fire to five cars in the area. They fled in a Jeep, which was later found burned out not far from the scene of the robbery. They had spread caltrops – metal ‘crows’ feet’ designed to puncture car tyres – on roads around the terminal. Nobody was physically injured in the robbery.

Gothenburg Police said that at least ten people are likely to have been involved in the robbery.