Police thwart remote-control bank heist

Without masks or guns, a group of robbers attempted to steal millions of kronor from a Swedish bank by hijacking one of its computers, only to be foiled by an alert employee, police said on Wednesday.

Surprised last August to suddenly see his computer cursor moving on its own, the employee at the Knivsta branch of Swedbank, north of Stockholm, “discovered a cable connected to his computer linked to a remote control device fastened under his desk,” local police spokesman Christer Nordström told AFP.

The employee quickly pulled the plug, interrupting a transfer of several hundred million kronor, Nordström said.

The device, which police described as “sophisticated and requiring great (technical) skills,” had apparently been installed during a previous break-in, during which nothing had been stolen from the bank.

Nordström said seven suspects had so far been arrested in the case, which he said was the first of its kind in Sweden.