Boy suspected of brutal murder of 81-year-old man

A 16-year-old boy has been indicted for the December murder of an 81-year-old man in southern Sweden.

The boy was arrested on December 27th, the evening after the 81-year-old’s body was found in a lake near his home in a small community south of Sävsjö.

The 16-year-old stands accused of beating his victim repeatedly over the head with a rock before pushing his body into a lake outside the 81-year-old’s house.

The boy has admitted to the attack but denies that he intended to kill the man.

On Christmas Day, he said, he came into possession of the keys to the 81-year-old’s car, which he planned to steal.

The next evening, the boy was spotted by the elderly man as he made his way towards the 81-year-old’s vehicle. The man accused him of taking his car keys and threatened to call the police.

“The suspect then decided to run after the man and push him over. He found a rock, with which he dealt the man several blows to the head,” said police spokesman Christer Edlund.

After the attack, the boy dragged his victim to the water’s edge and splashed water in his face. When he did not detect a reaction, the boy shoved the 81-year-old into the water.

That evening, concerned members of the 81-year-old’s family contacted police to report his disappearance. When the news spread that the man was missing, the 16-year-old boy joined the search party.

The man’s body was found under a jetty at around 1am the next morning. The following day, the boy was taken in for questioning after his name was mentioned by several witnesses.