Government proposes internet access to patient files

Suggested changes to Swedish medical data laws would allow patients to access their files over the internet.

Government proposes internet access to patient files

The suggestion is part of a proposal put forward for consideration by Health Minister Göran Hägglund meant to facilitate the exchange of information between different care givers, while at the same time improving the security of patient information.

Currently, different care givers cannot exchange information with one another electronically, despite the fact that the majority of patient information in the Swedish health system is stored electronically.

“The current situation causes a lot of problems. Poorly functioning information exchange can have catastrophic consequences in terms of delays, the wrong treatments, and unneeded suffering,” said Hägglund in a press release.

“Healthcare institutions have long demanded a change in the law which will improve their ability to effectively exchange information.”

According to the proposal, patients will be able to decide for themselves who has access to their medical records.

Patients will also be able to use the internet to track which health care professionals have accessed their files.