Shrove Tuesday buns threatened by unions

The Swedish Food Workers' Union has blockaded two Örebro bakeries. The traditional Shrove Tuesday buns - semlas - are now under threat.

Shrove Tuesday buns threatened by unions

The union defends its blockade after having discovered that the company behind the bakeries, Sockerbullen AB, has not signed a collective agreement for its staff. The two bakeries in question are Lindqvists and Smörkransen, according to local newspaper Nerikes Allehanda.

“I have worked with the union for 20 years and this is the first time I have been involved in a blockade. But we have members employed at these workplaces who are not paid according to collective agreements,” union ombudsman Ronny Lindh told Nerikes Allehanda.

Penance will have to wait however as the owner of the company, Helene Andersson, has no intention of seeking absolution and is standing firm, arguing her right to negotiate directly with her staff.

“A small firm like mine does not have the possibility to pay the wages demanded by the unions for inexperienced staff. I am more than happy to meet collective pay conditions for capable bakers however,” she points out.

Sockerbullen AB employs six staff.