Increase in reports of bullying

Increasing numbers of alleged bullying cases are being reported to Sweden's National Agency for Education (Skolverket). In 2007, the agency received 466 reports, compared to 359 in 2005.

Pupils’ Ombudsman Lars Arrhenius believes that parents and pupils have become increasing aware of pupils’ right.

But he is disappointed that schools have not done more to counteract bullying.

“The pupil protection law should be changed to make it possible to fine schools that lack a plan to tackle bullying,” Arrheniustold Dagens Nyheter.

The new pupil protection law and came into force in 2006. The office of Pupils’ Ombudsman was also created that year. Since then, 16 schools have been requested to pay damages in bullying cases.

Recently a school in Malmö was ordered to pay 87,000 kronor ($13,200) to a boy who was taped to a tree on two separate occasions.