Bergman actress Eva Dahlbeck dies

Swedish actress and author Eva Dahlbeck, most famous for numerous appearances in movies by legendary filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, has died, her son said on Saturday. She was 87.

Dahlbeck, who had long suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, died at a Stockholm retirement home on Friday, her son Tomas Lampell told AFP.

Born on March 8th, 1920, Dahlbeck was one of Sweden’s most celebrated actresses in the 1940s and 50s and was most well-known for her lead roles in such Bergman films as his 1952 “Secrets of Women”, “A Lesson in Love” (1954) and “Smiles of a Summer Night” (1955).

Bergman himself died last July 30th at the age of 89.

Dahlbeck, who attended Sweden’s prestigious Royal Dramatic Theatre acting school, received the Eugene O’Neil Award in 1961 for her stage performances.

She also wrote around a dozen novels.