Campogiani’s grave desecrated

Police in Stockholm have launched an investigation into the desecration of the grave of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani, who was beaten to death after a party in central Stockholm in October last year.

Campogiani's grave desecrated

When Campogiani’s family went to visit the boy’s grave on Tuesday, they were met with scenes of destruction, Expressen reports.

The vandal or vandals smashed lanterns, destroyed flowers, broke a cross and set light to a framed school photo of Campogiano.

“The picture was completely burned. Only Riccardo’s feet remained,” Campogiani’s mother told Expressen.

Three teenagers were convicted last month of serious assault and manslaughter and sentenced to three years’ youth detention.

A fourth boy was convicted of incitement to commit assault and was sentenced to serve a period in youth detention.

A week after the attack the led to the boy’s death, 10,000 people gathered in Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården to demonstrate against street violence. Smaller demonstrations were held elsewhere in Sweden.