Gothenburg demo calls for release of ‘Sturup Seven’

Gothenburg demo calls for release of 'Sturup Seven'
A demonstration is to be held in Gothenburg today, Saturday, to call for the release of the seven environmental activists being held by police following a direct action at Malmö Sturup airport.

The seven activists are from the environmental action group Klimax.

“They were arrested when they ran towards the fence that surrounds the runway,” said Ewa-Gun Westford at Ystad police to Dagens Nyheter. The activists have been arrested on suspicion of attempted aviation sabotage.

On Friday afternoon Klimax carried out coordinated protests at Gothenburg Landvetter, Malmö Sturup and Stockholm Bromma airports. In a press release the group has dubbed the airports the “triangle of death.” The activists, some of whom were dressed as polar bears, carried banners calling for an end to domestic flights.

Klimax claims to have solicited promises from many passengers to choose the train the next time they travel.

The group argues that police have acted disproportionately by keeping the activists in custody and demand that they be released pending charges.

“Klimax activists have tried to do that which everyone should do – to stop carbon emissions and therefore stop climate change…an open peaceful act of civil disobedience has nothing to do with the sabotage of an aircraft,” Klimax stated in a press release.

The protests passed off peacefully in all the other airports and Shora Esmailian for Klimax says that the group will simply have to be more creative when it plans its next action.