Mildest winter in 250 years

This winter is set to be the mildest winter in Stockholm in over 250 years. Average temperatures for the December-February period are forecast to be 2-2.2 degrees Celsius, SMHI reports.

If the remainder of February follows the same trend the winter in Stockholm and the east coast of Sweden stands to be the mildest since records began, in 1756.

“We don’t know for sure yet but this is a forecast. The next five, ten days look like being very mild,” said Bengt Lindström, a meteorologist at SMHI.

The existing winter temperature record for the three month period is an average of 1.9 degrees Celsius recorded in 1972-73.

The consistency of temperatures distinguish this winter from other mild winters, explained Lindström.

“The winter of 1989-90 recorded higher average temperatures in January-February, but then December had been very cold however.”

Temperatures in the Stockholm region have fallen below -10 degrees Celsius only once this winter, on the 15th/16th February.

Other regions across Sweden have also had mild winters this year but existing records are expected to stand.