Gothenburg mulls congestion charge

Sweden's second biggest city Gothenburg is considering introducing a road toll system similar to one adopted in Stockholm last year, city officials said on Wednesday.

Gothenburg mulls congestion charge
Photo: Göran Assner/Göteborg & Co/

“We’re going to set up a commission to study the possibility of introducing a congestion charge,” Jeanette Werner-Linnarsson, a spokeswoman for the Social Democrats in power in Gothenburg, told AFP.

She said environmental concerns were the primary reason to introduce such a system.

It is necessary “to reduce greenhouse gases and this is a way of achieving that goal,” she said, adding that the city, located on the west coast, also suffered from traffic jams.

If adopted, the measure would only be implemented after 2010.

In Stockholm, motorists entering and leaving the city have since August 2007 paid between 10 and 20 kronor ($1.50 and $3.00), depending on the time of day, with an upper limit of 60 kronor a day.

A number of other cities have introduced similar toll schemes, including London, Milan and Singapore.