Volvo produces car number 15 million

Volvo produces car number 15 million
The first Volvo rolled out the Torslanda factory near Gothenburg in 1927. Around lunchtime on Wednesday Volvo car number 15 million came off the assembly line at factory in Uddevalla.

The car was a C 70 painted in celestial blue pearl and headed to a dealer in California.

But how can Volvo Cars know that the car in question should get the honor of bearing the registration number 15 million, and not a a car from their factory in Torslanda or Ghent, Belgium?

“Yes, well…it required many and very complex calculations. But let’s just consider that our little secret,” Volvo spokesperson Maria Bohlin said with a laugh to news agency TT.

Volvo owns 40 percent of the factory in Uddevalla, with the remaining 60 percent owned by Italian Pininfarina.