Storm causes power cuts and flooding

Winds reaching speeds of more than 100 kilometres per hour drew in over the southern part of Sweden on Friday leaving some 25,000 households without electricity.

Storm causes power cuts and flooding

A number of streets in Gothenburg have been flooded due to rising water levels in the harbour.

The Swedish Road Administration has also been forced to close Uddevalla Bridge due to strong winds, Sveriges Radio reports.

Power companies are attempting to restore full services amid of reports of fallen trees on electricity cables and roads.

Meteorological agency SMHI has issued a storm waring for the entire Götaland region. But according to the agency, the worst of the storm is expected to be over by 7pm.

“It’s going to be windy on Saturday too, although it won’t be as bad as today. Winds will however pick up again on Saturday night and Sunday morning,” said the agency.