Swedish band attacked in Germany

Swedish band attacked in Germany
Three members of Swedish industrial metal group Pain were the victims of a brutal assault in Leipzig on Friday night.

“We were the wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said singer Peter Tägtgren, who was left requiring ten stitches for cuts to his face.

As it was their day off the singer, bass player Johan Husgafvel and drummer David Wallin had spent the evening at some local bars.

As they were walking down the street looking for a taxi, three unknown men attacked them from behind.

“Sometimes things like this happen. We have no idea who they were, but it was really dodgy,” said Tägtgren.

The band, who were taken completely by surprise, were left severely beaten and bruised.

Afterwards a passerby recognized them and drove them to the hospital.

Husgafvel suffered a broken nose and Wallin, who was hit in the head with a wine bottle, ended up with concussion and stitches to the side of his head.

“The body gets a shock. Johan is full of kicks and bruises. David and I are dizzy as hell,” said Tägtgren.

Although the Saturday gig in Leipzig was cancelled, the band members quickly picked themselves up and were back on stage on Sunday.

“We did the best we could,” said Tägtgren of the post-attack gig.

The band are in Germany on tour as support act for Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish.