Charges dropped because man ‘thought ecstasy was gone’

A 28-year-old Norwegian man being held on drug smuggling charges was released by the Malmö district court despite having ecstasy in his pocket when stopped by police while crossing the Öresund bridge.

The reason for his release?

He thought he’d already taken all the drugs, according to the City Malmö Lund newspaper.

Last summer the man was on his way home from a European road trip during which he made a stop in Amsterdam and purchased a supply of ecstasy.

He thought he had used up his entire supply of the drug during a party binge in Amsterdam and was thus taken by surprise when police stopped him as he crossed into Sweden and found four tablets remaining in his pocket.

But now the man is free from suspicion of drug smuggling because the court believed his claims that it was not his intention to smuggle the ecstasy into Sweden.

And because the man was only indicted on charges of drug smuggling and not drug possession, he was thus completely freed from any further legal proceedings.