Girls of the ‘Swedish Mansion’ invade Los Angeles

A bevy of busty Swedish blondes will soon take up residence in a Los Angeles mansion for a new reality television series.

Girls of the ‘Swedish Mansion’ invade Los Angeles

The series is set to kick off with a launch party at the mansion on March 1st.

A group of six “Scandinavian Supermodels,” including a Miss Norway finalist, will soon start living together and have their daily lives recorded in what is being termed the “Swedish Mansion.”

The 7,155 square foot (665 square metre) mansion is newly built and boasts twelve rooms, including six bedrooms. Other features include a swimming pool, spa, tennis court, wine cellar and three fire places.

The first phase of “Swedish Mansion” will be broadcast online at and, with a reality-based television show to follow.

“I really don’t have any big expectations. I not thinking about getting a bunch of job offers or becoming a big star. It’s just something fun; a chance to do something different for awhile,” said Swedish model Madelene Swärd to newspaper Norrköpings Tidning.

There’s no shortage of speculation as to what may unfold as the models begin their lives together in the entertainment capital of the world.

“We have enjoyed a great deal of success in the European theater and it was a natural decision to bring these girls to Los Angeles,” said Martin Wahlström, president of the Glamour of Sweden talent agency.

“Swedish Mansion is a great product, the girls are the most beautiful in the world and it is easy to see why we raised so many investors and so much interest in a TV deal.”

Wahlström is well known in Sweden for his work with Swedish men’s magazine Slitz, where he worked previously as in public relations and model management.