Police link explosives to attack against prosecutor

A stash of explosives uncovered in a police raid of two apartments in the Gårdsten neighborhood of Gothenburg matches those used in an attack against prosecutor Barbro Jönsson in nearby Trollhättan last November.

The same type of explosives was also used in “several” explosions in Malmö and one in Halmstad, said Trollhättan police commissioner Tord Haraldsson to news agency TT.

All the crimes occurred during the summer and autumn last year.

“This type of explosive material has been used in these well known bombings in Sweden. Some of the equipment found in the explosives used against Barbro is rather unusual. We’ve traced them through manufacturers and tracked how they ended up in Sweden,” said Haraldsson.

Three men, ages 19, 22 and 23, were arrested and remanded to custody on February 15th following the apartment raids. They are acquaintances of the individuals under investigation for the explosion which blew up the door of prosecutor Jönsson’s home.

“We have technical evidence which links the suspects to the explosive material. And some of the three have ties to people who are the subject of an inquiry into the incident involving Barbro Jönsson,” said Haraldsson.

Police in Trollhättan are investigating several individuals in connection with the November attack against the prosecutor, but haven’t yet formally named any suspects.

That fact that the three Gothenburg residents are being held in Trollhättan demonstrates that they are of interest in the Jönsson investigation, although Haraldsson won’t go as far as saying that the developments represent a breakthrough in the case.

The three deny charges of preparing acts of devastation endangering the public, but concede certain facts such as handling explosives.