Ryanair on Swedish consumers’ ‘black list’

Discount airline Ryanair flouts rulings by Sweden’s National Board for Consumer Complaints (ARN) more than any other company.

The airline has landed at the bottom of a “black list” of rogue companies published by consumer advocacy magazine Råd & Rön.

The list ranks companies based on their compliance with ARN rulings.

Ryanair has failed to comply with ten new ARN rulings ordering the company compensate travelers between 2000 to 7000 kronor ($320 to $1130) for delayed and cancelled flights.

In 2006 and 2007, ARN ruled in favor of passengers demanding compensation from Ryanair in 35 separate disputes. But in only nine instances did the airline follow the agency’s recommendations.

In failing to pay travelers, the airline may also be failing to follow EU regulations governing airline’s obligations to passengers.

Last fall, Sweden’s Consumer Ombudsman (KO) took Ryanair to court for not paying passengers the compensation they deserve.

The case involved a Swedish couple flying from Brussels to Stockholm who was forced to wait two days for another flight after the original flight was cancelled shortly before takeoff.

“We and Ryanair have different interpretations of EU rules,” said ARN spokesperson Torsten Palm to news agency TT.

Palm noted that the question of which party’s interpretation of the rules is correct will be decided in court, although he gave no indication of when the case may be heard.

In addition to Ryanair, Råd & Rön’s latest list of companies accused of bad behavior includes a number of car companies. Handymen are also well represented due to disputes over kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.