Girl made up story about abduction

The ten-year-old girl who claimed she was kidnapped and then pushed into the water in central Stockholm has admitted she was lying.

Police no longer believe she was the victim of a crime.

“The girl was not abducted in Tensta and then taken to Stockholm as she originally alleged. Why she made the claim remains unclear. It could be the result of a family tragedy of some sort,” said prosecutor Henrik Söderman to news agency TT.

The girl said that she was kidnapped by an unknown man on February 4th near a school in the suburb of Tensta, just northwest of Stockholm.

The man then allegedly forced her on to the subway, eventually bringinr her to Stockholm City Hall, where he then pushed her into the cold waters of Riddarfjärden.

The girl was discovered in the water by two men who had parked their car near the quay. They helped her out and called an ambulance.

Police have examined images from several security cameras in the subway and have established that the girl rode into the city alone.

“There is no man with the girl in the pictures. Her account doesn’t add up. But we don’t know how she ended up in the water,” said Söderman.

The girl was presented with the security camera analysis and then reminded of her own account of events, but was unable to answer police as to why she was alone in the pictures.

The prosecutor still hasn’t formally closed the investigation, which is looking into suspicions of kidnapping and attempted murder.