Man gulps his way out of drunk driving citation

A suspected drunk driver with a blood alcohol level ten times over the legal limit was released after asserting that he tossed back a bottle of whiskey and several beers only after arriving home.

In April of last year, another driver saw the 51-year-old suspect driving erratically down a road near Veberöd in southern Sweden and reported the man to police.

When the suspect suddenly sped off down the road, the driver gave up following the man.

The police found the man at home 20 minutes later, clearly intoxicated.

He claimed, however, that upon arriving home he tossed back a 700 millilitre bottle of whiskey, several beers, followed by some more booze.

While the Lund district court felt the man’s claims to drinking so much in such a short period of time seemed a bit exaggerated, it stated that there was no proof to the contrary, according to the Skånska Dagbladet newspaper.

According to the court, it could not rule out that the man had consumed the alcohol that led to the extremely high blood alcohol level only after he finished driving.

The man was consequently released and freed from charges of drunk driving.