Perelli and Bengtzing win Eurovision heat

Perelli and Bengtzing win Eurovision heat
Charlotte Perelli and Linda Bengtzing joined the line up for the Melodifestivalen in Globen by winning the final heat in Karlskrona on Saturday evening. Nordman and Sibel will contest the second chance in Kiruna.

After several weeks of shocks with several favourites knocked out of the competition, the final heat for the Melodifestivalen in Karlskrona threw up few surprises.

Linda Bengtzing was the first to grab a final place with her energetic “Hur svårt kan det va?” (How hard can it be?). Bengtzing chose a tartan theme for her set with her three dancers swirling in kilts and tartan waistcoats.

“I have fought so hard for this song. For the clothes. When it goes as well as this then I understand how important it is to fight for and trust your feelings,” Bentzing said to Swedish television behind the scenes.

“Those that don’t take this seriously should not be here,” Bengtzing challenged her fellow contestants.

In the final in Globen on March 15th will also be Charlotte Perelli with her English disco hit, “Hero.” Perelli has won Eurovision once before, in 1999, and has competed in the final on two other occasions. Perelli had to wait to last to find out her destiny.

“I couldn’t take anything for granted, especially not against Calaisa, whose song was the one I like the most,” Perelli said to SVT.

Nordman will compete in Kiruna on March 8th in the second chance heat with their ethnopop song, “I lågornas sken” (In the fire’s flame). They will be joined by newcomer Sibel with her “That is where I’ll go.”

So after four tensely fought heats the Melodifestivalen nears its climax. The line up in Kiruna next week for the quarter-finals will be: E-Type & The Poodles and Sibel, Ola and Caracola, Johnson & Häggkvist and Norman, and Thérèse Andersson and Suzzie Tapper.

Semi-finals will follow and the two winners with both join the other finalists in Globen.

The current line up for the final in Globen is: Amy Diamond, Christer Sjögren, Sanna Nielsen, Rongedal, Frida featuring Headline, BWO, Linda Bengtzing and Charlotte Perelli.