Woman admits lies after man attends anti-violence course

A man in Värmland in western Sweden has won an appeal against a woman who accused him of throwing knives at her and kicking her in the stomach.

When the initial guilty verdict was announced two years ago, the man was given the option of eight months in jail or a 27-week course in anti-violence especially tailored for men. He chose the course over jail, but was forced to resign from one of his jobs.

The court of appeal has now agreed with the man’s assessment that he did not commit the crimes of which he was accused.

“It was a good course though. All men should take it,” the man told newspaper Nya Wermlands-Tidningen.

In the appeal court hearing it emerged that the woman had lied about the attacks. Her allegations were made shortly after the couple had separated and included the charge that her ex had locked her in the kitchen.

“The only thing is that it’s not possible to lock someone in the kitchen. It’s open plan and there is no door,” he said.

The man said he would now arrange a meeting with a lawyer before deciding whether to sue for damages.