Six arrested for Gothenburg postal robbery

Six men were arrested in the Stockholm area this morning for suspected involvement in the dramatic Gothenburg postal depot robbery in January.

The men are between 20 and 52 years old and reside in the Stockholm area, according the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

Several home searches were carried out Tuesday morning in the search for evidence in the case, according to Swedish police’s website.

Those arrested will be questioned later in the day.

Police suspect at least ten people were involved in the spectacular robbery in Gothenburg on January 22nd.

A group of robbers broke into the depot during the night and forced eleven employees to the floor. They then disappeared with several pieces of registered mail.

The robbers left behind five bomb-like devices, six burning cars, as well as metal ‘crows’ feet’ designed to puncture car tyres.

Parts of central Gothenburg were sealed off due to the bomb threat and residents in nearby buildings were evacuated.

Both police headquarters and a district office were also sealed off because suspected bombs were found in the buildings.