Professor resigns after sex offence conviction

A professor convicted of groping a teenage girl has resigned from his job at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

The academic was found guilty last year of having placed his hand inside the panties of a teenage girl he met on a bus.

According to the girl, the professor pressed up close and groped her while relating his sexual fantasies, Borås Tidning reports.

Using a false first name, he told the the girl he was an underwear photographer for the Lindex clothing chain.

Both the district and appeal courts believed the girl’s version of events and awarded the professor a suspended sentence and a fine equivalent to 60 days’ wages.

The man, who worked half time at Karolinska Institutet, is to receive a severance package worth six months wages.

The professor is also employed by Södra Älvsborg Hospital in western Sweden. Negotiations are currently underway with a view to removing the academic from his post.

He has been on a paid leave of absence from both jobs since being convicted.