Brutal murder in Stockholm suburb

Brutal murder in Stockholm suburb
A man was killed in Skärholmen in southern Stockholm on Tuesday night in a shooting that police believe may have been a gang-style execution.

The victim, born in 1970, was outside his home in a built-up area when at least one person opened fire with what is believed to have been an automatic weapon.

Police found fourteen empty shells near the man’s dead body.

“This is an unusually brutal way to end someone’s life. What’s more, people nearby could easily have been injured as there are houses right beside the murder scene,” said police spokesman Mats Nylén.

The methods used suggested the killing was related to a criminal feud, according to Nylén.

“But the fact that we have not had any previous contact with the man might suggest otherwise,” he said.

Police have questioned a number of witnesses in the area.

“We have heard different versions as to whether the man came on foot or by car. Information also varied on the number of perpetrators,” said Nylén.

There have so far been no arrests in the case.