Politicians: ‘Don’t serve us so much booze in parliament’

A teetotal group of Swedish lawmakers said on Wednesday that alcohol-free drinks should be served at official parliamentary functions because alcohol prevents some members of parliament from fulfilling their duties.

Politicians: 'Don't serve us so much  booze in parliament'
Photo: Vivek Chugh

“We want (official functions in parliament) to be alcohol-free by default,” Egon Frid, a member of the opposition Left Party and the head of a group of 14 teetotal MPs, told AFP.

He said those who wanted an alcoholic drink could have one, but they should have to ask.

According to Egon, alcoholic beverages are so readily available at work functions that some of his colleagues have a hard time “abstaining”.

“I see that some people have a hard time fulfilling their duties as deputies with all the alcohol that is available,” he said, noting that MPs were often offered alcohol during business gatherings outside parliament as well.

The Swedish parliament, which has 349 members, is currently hammering out an internal policy on alcohol consumption.