Girl leaps from window to escape intruders

A burglary in the suburb of Vårby, south of Stockholm, ended with a terrified nine-year-old girl leaping from a third story window.

The girl was taken to hospital and is reportedly doing well.

“She had no coat. The girl told us that she just jumped and that she was in a lot of pain,” said Ann-Charlotte Wejnäs of the Stockholm police department.

The nine-year-old girl has been taken to Astrid Lindgren’s children’s’ hospital, but appears to have escaped any major injuries.

“She’s been x-rayed but she’s responsive and can recount what happened,” said Wejnäs.

The hospital’s spokesperson did not release any information on the girl’s condition.

The girl and her six-year-old little brother were at home by themselves when at least two intruders broke into the apartment.

The girl was so scared she jumped out of the window.

When police and an ambulance arrived the little brother came out of hiding unharmed.

“Police on the scene believe there was a break in at the apartment,” said Wejnäs.

The burglary was interrupted when the thieves realized they were being watched by a witness in the street. The witness saw the perpetrators flee the area in a red car.

The apartment has been sealed off for a technical investigation.

Police have contacted the girl’s parents, who were shocked by the news.