Swedish state to start selling sex toys

Sweden's state-run pharmacy chain Apoteket has announced that it is to begin selling sex toys in order to satisfy demand from customers.

Swedish state to start selling sex toys

When asked in a survey last year what products they would most like to see on Apoteket”s shelves, a majority plumped for dildos and massage oils. The study was conducted by the pharmacy chain in cooperation with the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU).

“We are aware that sex is a very important part of everyone’s life. It is important to help people in this area, and there is a certain demand for the products,” Apoteket’s spokeswoman Elisabet Linge Bergman told The Local.

RFSU has produced a range of sex toys on behalf of Apoteket, which will be available for purchase in fifty stores nationwide for a one year trial period. But Apoteket has not yet decided exactly which products to stock.

“We will sell massage oils and dildos. We can’t say anything more yet,” said Linge Bergman.

Apoteket would initially only sell the ‘massage sticks’ and oils at its largest stores, as these were “secure and anonymous” for shy customers. The launch date has been set for some time in May.

According to Linge Bergman, the element of popular trust in RFSU and Apoteket made the state pharmacies a good place to sell erotic toys.

“We want to have a broad perspective on health, and people would prefer to buy these items in Apoteket than online or in some other shop. We are seen as good trademarks that can guarantee quality.”